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                              BREAK FREE FROM CODEPENDENCY

"There is a way to fulfil your need to feel loved, valued, safe, and to thrive in healthy and secure environment."

Sara Alt

Without being a victim of narcissistic abuse and toxic relationships your whole life.

Without having to live with feelings of shame, guilt, and fear of what others will say.

And without having to unnecessarily endanger your health, wasting your time, energy and money.
Here is HOW

By using Creative 3 Step Healing Program

Once you realize that you are irrelevant, exploited, disrespected, and subject to manipulation, it’s time to step out of the relationship.
Here is WHY
This is true because life is too short to live it according to other people’s expectations.
Most women delay making a decision because they believe their partner will change
...which means it is time to put yourself in the first place and take the responsibility for your own life...
Sara Alt

*NLP Life and Business coach


Have you ever experienced a moment where you found yourself not really living your life?
A moment when life just seems to be flowing by?

This is exactly what happened to me. I watched a movie called “My Life with Me”. While I was watching the movie I could feel that inside of me a shift happened. It was the moment of realizing that I was living a life titled; “My Life Without Me.” I was in the wrong relationship, wrong job. At that moment, the situation for me seemed hopeless and was unbearable.


I couldn't see a solution. I had no one to talk to, no one to understand me. I found myself in the middle of a vicious circle. Despite the fact read a bunch of books, went on numerous seminars & personal growth educations, having an impressive education, and had been traveling the world for years, I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I was persisting in a toxic personal and business relationship for more than 15 years. I was convinced I could save the relationship by positive attitude, constantly improving myself and by learning to understanding of my partner‘s weaknesses.


  • Licensed NLP Coach; Certificate by Richard Bandler

  • Licensed Practitioner of Neuro - Linguistic Programming; Certificate By Richard Bandler

  • Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Certificate By Richard Bandler

  • Training of Integral Biorgonomics

  • Training of Psychological Astrology


Despite unbearable, exploitative attitude I was convinced he would change for the better just as he promised he would.

Cheating, lying, accusations, belittling, manipulation, emotional blackmailing, gaslighting, tringulation,…

All that in small but regular doses over the years left some serious consequences on ME. I have become a total emotional wreck.

I was becoming bitter, confused, sad, physically and emotionally EXHAUSTED. My self-confidence has been jeopardised, as if my essence was sucked out of my body. I forgot who I was and what made me happy. I forgot ABOUT all my dreams and goals. I was looking for the way out.

The idea of leaving was liberating and terifying at the same time. Total loss of selfconfidence led me to believe that I was utterly incapable of living without him. I was convinced my whole survival depended on him. »I can't live with or without you«, was the best quote to describe the ironity of the situation.

I was constantly asking myself:

"What am I doing wrong to make my partner treat me so badly?". There was a strong belief in me that I was the one to blame. I felt like I was loosing my mind.

By tirelessly looking for the answers, I attended numerous workshops, seminars, reading books, going to psychotherapist….


Until one day I decided to withdraw completely from civilization. I travelled to Burma and moved away from the world, phones, internet, conversations and people for 14 days.

In complete silence, with the help of meditation, I made inner shifts that eventually led me to a solution.

The „AHA“ moment came one day in the form of a friend's question: „Sara, do you know that your partner is a narcissist?

At that moment, A heavy rock fell off my shoulders. I finally got the answer! I got THE diagnosis! I knew „what's wrong with me“.


That was the turning point of my recovery and healing process. By raising the awareness about codependency patterns which originated from my nuclear family background, I became empowered to make a shift from victim to thriver. I started returning to life and managed to do so!

Understanding the impact of this profound experience enabled me to create the tools and roadmap to serve and support You.


Breda Dular

As Sara and I began to discover the causes of my failed partnership, I was most surprised to learn that I was ‘dependent’ on my relationship. By unraveling the secrets of how deep the narcissistic relationship goes, I slowly began to become aware of the dimensions of inner connection.

I began to realize that I was dependent on my own created illusion, deepened by this relationship. I never imagined that someone could study you in the depths of your being and then use just that study with all their might against you. That he is trying to kill your entire creative vein and show it as something incompetent and dangerous to the environmen.

It is true, however, that I suppressed my inner voice myself and relied only on him for an opinion ... of course with the thought that his interior is the same as mine.

With the help of Sara, we discovered all these illusions, which helped me to live a creative and full life again and to listen to my ‘infallible’ inner voice again.


I have always wanted to live in peace, coexistence, love, respect, a safe environment, to be happy and healthy. But eventually there was less and less of that. Better said, all of that was fading away, at first in one area and then in almost all areas of life. When and where did I lose myself? When I couldn't even answer that question, I knew I needed help. Help from someone who will understand what’s going on, how to empower me, and how to help me get back on the right path.

During this time, I tried to resolve things in different ways. I wasn't successful until I met Sara. With her help I felt that someone really understood me, that she knew what was going on and knew how to show me the right path, the path back to myself.

It took a lot of time and work, but I am now surrounded by the right people, I breathe with full lungs, I love life again, I feel an inner peace and I feel surrounded by peace. It sounds cliché, and yet, anyone who lost that knows what I’m talking about. And to everyone that got it back, I send a warm hug and celebrate with you. At the same time, I am grateful to Sara, for paving such an important path. All the best. U.G.

Creative 3 Step Healing Program

Module 1

Clarity % Awareness

Module 2


Module 3


The Creative 3 Step Healing Program

This program is NOT for everyone.

It is designed for courageous woman willing to give up on illusion about how she should live her life. Ready to break free from inherited dysfunctional patterns and manifest her talents, potentials and life mission.

This program is for You feeling ready to take full responsibility of your happiness. Ready to change your mindset and embrace the power of deep transformation process.

-For You willing to fully commit to your inner child's call, nurture it and start living according your own Truth.

-For You opening up to follow the Wisdom of your Body guidance and honour natural feminine cycle.

-For You striving to establish heart&mind balance and start living joyful Self empowered being in thriving relationships.

-For You waiting to unlock your innate Code and shine your Divine nature.

This program is not for those who are looking for a quick fix or magic formula.


GETTING STUCK IN A TOXIC RELATIONSHIP can be extremely frustrating.

Without true understanding of a narcissist - codependent dynamics it is impossible to break free from the vicious cyle of codependency. Once you grasp the interwoven mechanism behind and your own role in it, the whole picture starts making sense. Your journey to freedom unfolds by becoming aware of dysfunctional toxic patterns. The moment of alignment with your needs, values, and potentials is an absolute game changer.


TRANSFORMING THE LIMITING EMOTIONAL and mental belief system takes courage.

It takes willingness to let go of illusion which once became part of your life without your conscious consent. Now it is time to take the whole responsibility and start creating your Story, based on alignment with your own Body. It is your Physical Body that reveals all the answers once you allow it to express itself. Getting sensitive enough to understand its language takes some time and adaptation to the new mode of operation.


ONCE YOUR NEEDS ARE RECOGNIZED, your core belief system transformed, body sensitivity and soul whisper addressed properly is time for action.

Living under your own terms, finding your tribe, creating loving relationships with people who honour your values and boundaries is most rewarding. Having the knowledge and awareness to recognize and prevent potential toxicity in relationships enables you to trust yourself fully. By reconnecting to your inner wisdom you empower not only yourself, you become the unwavering lighthouse for future generations.